Per Aasted, Vice President of Business Development is among those high-level industry experts who have been invited to present at CSP Plaza 2018, the largest event in China's concentrated solar power (CSP) industry held in Beijing, on 20-22 June 2018.

With China’s ambitious decarbonisation initiatives the country’s district heating infrastructure is rapidly approaching a green energy transition. To learn from market players with advanced district heating solution, Aalborg CSP has been selected to be among those top speakers who will present concentrated solar power (CSP) best practices for renewable heat production.

In his speech, Per Aasted will introduce development experience of some of Denmark’s most efficient solar district heating plants. These include a 6.8MWth facility in Tårs, wherein the CSP technology is combined with flat solar panels for the most efficient harvest of the sun. Mr Aasted will also talk about a recently launched combined heat and power plant in Brønderslev that integrates a 16.6MWth CSP plant with a biomass boiler and an organic rankine cycle (ORC) system. His speech can be heard on 22 June in the “Diversified CSP applications” conference session.

Besides Mr Aasted’s presentation, visitors can also meet senior representatives from Aalborg CSP A/S at the exhibiton centre (booth nr. B03) to learn how we lower the energy cost of industries and power plants around the world.

Among others, the company’s CSP power plant activities will also be introduced with primary focus on molten salt steam generation systems, tower receiver technologies and our ongoing power plant projects in China, such as the 50MWe Shenzen Jinfan CSP plant.

About the speaker

Per Aasted is Vice President of Business Development at Aalborg CSP A/S, responsible for driving the company’s growth within the district heating business line. Mr Aasted is in charge of accelerating the implementation of solar-thermal systems by making solar energy the cheapest source of heat supply in Denmark - a country known for its advanced district heating schemes.

Mr Aasted joined Aalborg CSP in 2014 and has since then contributed to the realization of some of Denmark’s most cost-efficient solar district heating plants. He has played an instrumental role in achieving attractive feasibility and thereby successful implementation of concentrated solar heat (CSH) applications in the country. These include first-of-its-kind energy systems that utilize the parabolic trough technology in combination with other renewable sources, such as flat solar-thermal panels, biomass and organic rankine cycle. These breakthrough solar-thermal projects serve as best practices on a global scale today.

Mr Aasted has more than 30 years of experience with conventional and renewable heating systems. For more than 15 years he acted as Chairman Of The Board for one of the pioneering district heating plants in Denmark where he later on also acted as managing director for 6 years.

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