On Monday 10. February 2020, Aalborg CSP welcomed Rasmus Prehn, member of the Danish Parliament and Minister for Development Co-operation to the Aalborg headquarters. The minister stopped by the company for a talk about green energy transition in the world’s developing countries as well as to discuss Aalborg CSP’s possible contribution in fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to fulfill the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations (UN), significant investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency must be made. The global Sustainable Development Goals as well as the green energy transition was on the agenda, when Rasmus Prehn, member of the Danish Parliament and Minister for Development Co-operation, visited Aalborg CSP.

During the meeting, the parties discussed, among other things, the Danish contribution when it comes to fulfilling the UN Sustainability Goals. It was furthermore discussed, how renewable energy technologies and solutions can help solve global food, water and energy security challenges.

The minister was introduced to the company’s Sundrop project - a desert-farming facility that relies on sunlight and seawater to produce 17,000 tonnes of tomatoes per year in the Australian desert. The project in Port Augusta, Australia is a great example of how an integrated solar energy system can make a difference in terms of energy, water and food challenges - also in the world’s developing countries.

Aalborg CSP would like to thank Mr. Prehn for a great visit and an interesting dialogue.