With an oral presentation and a poster presentation, Aalborg CSP is once again among the key speakers at SolarPACES, the foremost symposium within the concentrated solar power (CSP) industry. To provide renewable energy experts from around the world with a platform to discuss the latest in global solar thermal research and development, while complying with the COVID-19 regulations, this year’s SolarPACES conference will take place online from 28 September – 2 October.

Hammam Soliman, Senior Sales and R&D Manager at Aalborg CSP will present a viable energy storage solution that will enable replacement of the world’s coal-fired power plants (CPP) and contribute to reaching both national and international CO2 reduction targets.

As part of his presentation, Mr. Soliman will demonstrate how to apply the Power-to-X-to-Power concept to retrofit CPPs. To validate the retrofitting concept, a proposed case of a potential CPP in Denmark is presented. Mr. Soliman will furthermore discuss how wind farms can help phase out and replace the coal-fired boilers. His presentation titled “Contribution of Power-to-X-to-Power in Retrofitting of Coal-fired Power Plants and Grid Stability” will take part on the third day of the conference (30 September).

Besides Mr. Soliman’s speech, our Thermal Energy and Process Engineer, Line Justesen Pløger will do a poster presentation titled “Evaluation of Supercritical Once-Through Steam Generation Applying the Header-Coil Heat Exchanger Design Configuration”. The poster presentation introduces the audience to the investigation of a once-through Header-Coil heat exchanger’s impact on efficiency and weight (cost). The foundation of the research presented in the poster is a further development of the Aalborg CSP state-of-the-art Header-Coil heat exchanger. Her poster presentation takes place on the opening day of the conference (28 September).


For more information regarding Aalborg CSP's participation at the conference, please contact: 
Sofie Lambrechtsen Larsen
Marketing & Communication Coordinator
Phone: +45 88 16 88 47
E-mail: sll@aalborgcsp.com