Aalborg CSP is among those industry experts that have been invited to speak at the 5th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating held in Copenhagen (Denmark), on 10-11 September 2019.

The conference is organized by the 4DH Research Centre, a unique collaboration between industry, universities and the public sector to investigate the potential and to develop 4th Generation District Heating. Industry and academia experts from around the world will gather to share knowledge on 4GDH systems and technologies that will play a big part in future cost-effective sustainable energy systems.

A newly released outlook suggests expanding the use of electricity to sectors such as heating, cooling and transportation as well as replacing fossil fuels with low-carbon electricity based on renewable sources (i.e. wind, solar). A transition as such, however, would require closing the world’s coal-fired power plants. A coalition of countries (including Denmark) aims to phase out the use of coal in their electricity supply by 2030.

With a presentation titled “Replacing Coal-Fired Plants with Renewable Sources Integrated with Thermal Storage”, Aalborg CSP will discus,s how it is possible to accelerate the energy transition from coal by shifting the role of coal from providing base-load power to providing back-up power in order to control and stabilise the grid. As part of the presentation, Aalborg CSP will demonstrate how renewable energy sources integrated with thermal energy storage can replace the world’s coal-fired plants.

For more information regarding Aalborg CSP's participation at the conference, please contact:

Sofie Lambrechtsen Larsen
Marketing & Communication Coordinator
Phone: +45 88 16 88 47
Email: sll@aalborgcsp.com