With an oral presentation and two poster presentations, Aalborg CSP is once again among the key speakers at SolarPaces, the foremost symposium within the concentrated solar power (CSP) industry, held in Daegu, South Korea, from 1-4 October, 2019.

Stephanie Sigvert Sørensen, Thermal Energy and Process Engineer at Aalborg CSP will present Aalborg CSP’s role in the PHOTON project – a project within the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Program for Research and Innovation. The PHOTON project, also titled “High Performance Thermosolar Plants based on PV-Hybrid Autonomous Heliostats and Tailored Receivers” aims to obtain a new and competitive thermosolar power plant configuration, simplifying the current assembly and commissioning operations. The project targets an improvement of both CAPEX and OPEX as well as an increase in the thermosolar plant’s global efficiency as key to making solar power a dispatchable competitive energy source.

Aalborg CSP’s scope in the project concerns the development, design and optimization of the thermosolar power tower heat transfer section - the solar receiver.

As part of her presentation titled “Optimization of Asymmetric Solar Receiver Design in High-Performance Thermosolar Plant in Synergy with PV-Hybrid Autonomous Heliostats” Ms. Sørensen will compare different symmetric and asymmetric Molten Salt Receiver (MSR) designs as well as present the current findings within the PHOTON project framework.

Besides her speech, Jens Taggart Pelle, Vice President of Technical Sales will also present two posters titled:

  • Lowering LCOE with technical & commercial CSP paradigms

  • High-temperature thermal energy storage (HT-TES) system - A renewable energy hybrid solution

For the fifth time in a row, Aalborg CSP is among the sponsors of the SolarPaces conference and invites all visitors to stop by our booth to meet senior representatives from our company as well as to learn about our ongoing developments and projects around the world.

To schedule a meeting with our representatives, please contact:

Jens Taggart Pelle
VP of Technical Sales, CSP Power Plant Technologies
Phone: +45 88 16 88 46
Email: jtp@aalborgcsp.com

For more information regarding Aalborg CSP's participation at the conference, please contact:

Sofie Lambrechtsen Larsen
Marketing & Communication Coordinator
Phone: +45 88 16 88 47
E-mail: sll@aalborgcsp.com