The use of cookies

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This means we use cookies in order to remember:

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We use plug-ins for social media, which allows you to share or "like" contents of our website through social media by directing you on the social media website.

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We use tools such as Google Analytics to store cookies in order to collect statistical data, and AddThis as supplier of our plug-ins for social media.

The use of cookies may result in the processing of personal information and we therefore recommend that you also read our Site Policy regarding our personal data policy.

How to avoid and delete cookies?

If you do not want us to store or read cookies on your computer, you can disable cookies in your browser. In the browser you can select the cookies that are to be allowed, blocked or deleted.

If you want to remove the cookies that are already placed on your computer, and you are using a PC and a recent browser, press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE at the same time. If the hot keys do not work in your browser, visit the support site of the relevant browser.