Pit Thermal Energy Storage lids

Besides turnkey delivery of customized Pit Thermal Energy Storage (PTES) solutions, Aalborg CSP also offers supply and installation of key PTES components including lid solutions for existing systems. The patented lid design enables dewatering and allows vapour to diffuse out of the top of the lid construction thereby preventing moisture accumulation. These unique design features ensure lower heat loss in the PTES contributing to higher efficiency and reliability of the complete energy system.

The patented lid design from Aalborg CSP addresses some of the key issues - such as accumulation of moisture within the lid construction - observed during previous deployment of the PTES technology. The lid design has undergone several optimization practices and improvements have been made based on experience from previous pit storages.

Unique insulation layer for higher efficiency and reliability

A Pit Thermal Energy storage is a large water reservoir used for storing thermal energy. The reservoir is lined with plastic linings to retain heat and prevent leakages, while the top of the storage is covered by a floating insulating lid. The lid is used to retain the heat and keep the storage tight from rainwater.

For PTES systems, Aalborg CSP uses a unique patented lid design. The structure of the lid’s patented insulating layer is designed as an open construction that allows vapour to diffuse out through the upper liner above the insulation. This unique feature prevents moisture from accumulating in the insulation of the lid construction thereby minimizing the heat loss of the PTES resulting in higher efficiency.

Lid divided into sections for scalability

Besides the insulating layer, the patented lid-design from Aalborg CSP differs from other PTES lids due to the way the surface is constructed. The lid is divided into sections with each section centered around a pump well. Each section has an inward fall toward the pump well allowing water to be led away from the surface and insulation layer easily. In addition to providing an easier way of dewatering the surface, dividing the lid into sections also enables scalability.

These unique design features ensure lower heat loss in the PTES resulting in higher performance and efficiency of the overall energy system as well as a lower price per delivered MWth.

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