Integrated heat pump systems

Integrating heat pumps into district heating systems enables greater flexibility and security of supply for district heating plants. It allows for higher levels of renewable energy to be utilized for thermal purposes ultimately lowering the cost of energy.

Aalborg CSP A/S designs and delivers turnkey integrated heat pump solutions to help lower the cost of district heating. Heat pump solutions designed by Aalborg CSP are customized to fit individual energy needs and project requirements as well as existing energy infrastructures for the most value-adding solution with highest efficiency.

Heat pump integration for higher efficiency

The heat pump’s ability to create integration and balance between energy systems makes then technology a key element in the green energy transition. Heat pumps enables heat recovery from waste heat at low temperatures and uses electricity to transform it to temperatures applicable for district heating purposes. 

An air-to-water based heat pumps uses outdoor air as the source for heat production and transforms it into district heating. Even during wintertime, it is possible to absorb energy from the air.

An electrical heat pump can help lower a district heating plant’s energy consumption and thereby contribute to a more cost-efficient heat supply and help stabilize fluctuating energy prices.

Integration with existing energy infrastructure

Depending on the individual energy requirement, the heat pump can act as an independant stand-alone unit or as an add-on to an existing heat source. The turnkey solution supplied by Aalborg CSP is tailored to fit the existing production unit – whether it is run by a gas engine or another renewable energy source such as solar or biomass.

Integrating a heat pump with either a solar heating plant consisting of flat solar-thermal collectors or a biomass boiler enables greater efficiency and contributes to a more flexible energy production lowering the cost of energy for the client and consumers. In such cases, the heat pump can be used to optimize the efficiency of an existing heat source or sources.

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...that Aalborg CSP has delivered a 11,312m2 flat solar panel field in Denmark to produce 5,568MWh green energy annually?
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