Winner of the "Most innovative company in Aalborg Municipality" Award 2016

In March 2016, Aalborg CSP was awarded the "Most innovative company in Aalborg Municipality" Award as a part of a regional innovation contest in North Jutland, called TagFat. According to the committee comprising of innovation experts, Aalborg CSP works based on a business model that supports innovation and works closely with knowledge-based institutions and universities to create leading-edge technologies.

Winner of International CSP Technology Innovation Award 2014

In December 2014, Aalborg CSP was announced as winner of the the CSP Technology Innovation category in recognition of the company's technology optimization results for the SGS3 steam generation technology. The CSP Today International Awards are granted to companies that excel in the industry and truly deserve an award for their great efforts on getting CSP further down the competitive route at global level.

Winner of Indiasol Technology and Supplier 2014 Award

In October 2014, Aalborg CSP was awarded the prestigious Indiasol Award that is granted to companies that excel in India's concentrated solar power industry and that are committed to develop it further in the country. In this regard, Aalborg CSP has demonstrated excellence in operation for the SGS3 steam generation technology developed and delivered for the Godawari 50+MWe CSP power plant.

Winner of CSP Today India best Technology and Supplier Award 2013

In March 2013, Aalborg CSP received the CSP Today India best technology and Supplier Award for the SGS3 steam generator technology. According to the committee, the system is a proven boiler technology optimising plant performance and reliability while lowering CAPEX which are key factors in CSP progress in India.

Winner of Greenest district heating solution of the year Award 2012

In 2012, Aalborg CSP was selected as winner of the "Greenest District Heating Solution of the Year" by the district heating market in Denmark. 

Winner of Årets Ejerleder 2010 (Owner-management Of The Year Award)

In November 2010, Aalborg CSP was selected as the winner of "Årets Ejerleder 2010 i region Nordjylland" (Owner-management of the year 2010 in North Jutland, Denmark). The main criteria to receive this prestigious title were: globalization, green energy, innovation, export potential, staff management and social responsibility.

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